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Online Course - Find Success: Presenting Your Art to a Sales Gallery

Do you want your art work hanging in an art sales gallery? This course is designed to help you get your foot in the door to an art gallery that is a good fit for you.  Learn what you need to be prepared for an interview; and all the steps it takes to have a great show!

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Connect with Artists

A new Private Facebook Group - Kitty's Art Korner - has been created so that you can connect with other artists who have mutual interests.  You can join me every Tuesday, at 11:00 am EST.


Take a look at all the other art projects we are working on.

We have owned and operated an art gallery and gift shop for over ten years.  We are both artists and love working in a variety of mediums.  We also have a wide range of interests!

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"Working with Liquidambar has taken my artwork to the next level!"

Nancy Martin
Visual Artist

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